Black History Month 2022: What does action against racism look like in 2022? Winnie Ama from Why Not Her? Spoke to Leah Sinclair

The theme for Black History Month for 2022 is “action not words” – but what does action really look like in 2022 when we’re still facing racial injustice which runs rampant through our society? Stylist’s senior writer Leah Sinclair speaks to four activists about how we can all create change. 

Activist and DEI Speaker Winnie Ama from Why Not Her? Spoke to Leah Sinclair.

The theme for Black History Month this year in the UK has been “action not words” – a theme which allows for there to be a focus on actioning change and taking it a step beyond classes rooms and reflecting solely on the past but also how Black figures in the past took action and how we as a society can continue to do the same.

“This year’s phrase of ‘action not words’ represents an important shift in focus where we need to prioritise tackling racism in practical and tangible ways,” says Northern Irish singer-songwriter and activist Winnie Ama.

– Stylist

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