Top 100 Most Played Songs on Irish Radio 2023 revealed! Irish radio plays only 19% Domestic Irish Artists in 2023.

Top 100 Most Played Songs on Irish Radio 2023 revealed!

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Summary of findings Top 100 irish radio charts 2023

  • 19% Irish! Of songs featured in the Top 100, only 19% were by domestic Irish Artists/Bands.
  • #1 Niall Horan’s song ‘Heaven’ is the #1 most-played song by an Irish artist on Irish radio in ’23. It sits at #2 overall in the Top 100 songs on Irish radio in 2023 by both International and Irish artists combined. Miley Cyrus is #1 with her hit ‘Flowers’.
  • 2% Of the Irish songs featured in the Top 100 only 2 were by Irish POC Solo + Ethnicity collabs: Jazzy with her hits ‘Giving Me’ and her collab ‘Make Me Feel Good’ with Belters Only.
  • 3% Of songs featured in the Top 100, 3% were by Irish Female Solo Artists/Bands. (Jazzy, Aimée and the late lead singer of the Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan)
  • 15% were White Male Irish 
  • and 1% Irish Gender + Ethnicity Collab
  • 81% International Artists dominated Irish radio with Miley Cyrus leading the number one most played song of 2023 with smash hit ‘Flowers’.
  • Top 5 Songs on Irish Radio (International and domestic combined): #1. MILEY CYRUS – FLOWERS, #2. Niall Horan- Heaven, #3. Calvin Harris – Miracle, #4. Dua Lipa – Dance The Night and #5. Taylor Swift- Anti-Hero
  • Top 5 most played songs by Irish acts in the Top 100 songs of 2023 across Irish radio: #1. Niall Horan – Heaven, #2. Jazzy- Giving Me, #3. Cian Ducrot – Heaven, #4. Cian Ducrot- I’ll Be Waiting, and #5. Dermot Kennedy – Kiss me.
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  • Irish artists and bands featured in the Top 100: Niall Horan – Heaven (Capitol Records) + Meltdown (Universal Music), Jazzy – Giving me (Universal Music), Cian Ducrot – Heaven + I’ll Be Waiting (Universal Music), Dermot Kennedy – Kiss Me (Universal Music) + Don’t Forget me (Universal Music) + Something To Someone (Island), Picture This – Get On My Love + Leftover Love (RCA), Aimee – Hurt Like Hell (Universal Music), Hozier – Eat Your Young (Island), Moncrieff – Love Somebody + What Am I Here For (Telamo), Belters Only feat. Jazzy – Make Me Feel Good (Polydor), Chasing Abbey – Oh My Johnny (Spinnin’ Records), Gavin James – White Noise (Sony), The Cranberries – Dreams (Island), Billy Gillies ft Hannah Boleyn – DNA (Big Beat).
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“Ireland is, without a doubt, in a Golden Age of creativity with incredibly diverse musical talent apparent across all genres. This needs to be reflected in the radio stations in Ireland. It is my continued hope that these data reports will lead to long-term change and ensure that listeners have musical choices that reflect the diverse talents on this island. 

We need legislative change and we need it now. The future of Irish music depends on it. Only 19% of Irish music by Irish domestic artists and bands played across Irish radio’s Top 100 songs in 2023 is not good enough. 

Positive change can happen quickly  – as we’ve seen from UK radio stations’ response to their data – when unconscious bias is revealed – efforts are made to ensure greater parity. But for whatever reason, still unknown to us, the gatekeepers in Irish radio have not stopped excluding women and people of colour from the playlists. Why? 

The majority of domestic Irish music that they continue to playlist is from white male artists. Despite the many musical diverse and female talents out there. Token gestures and one-off competitions on radio stations to pick a local band to shower with a few plays, will not lead to lasting structural change. GDDR 2022 (2).jpg

As a collective campaign group, we will continue to stand with our colleagues and friends in broadcasting and the music industry to work towards an equal voice for all and we will never be afraid to ask the question “Why Not Her?”


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